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Specializing in Issues Related to
Developmental and Sexual Trauma

Identity, Sex, Gender, and Sexuality

I specialize in providing psychotherapy that addresses the complex intersections of developmental trauma, sexual trauma, and issues surrounding sex, gender, and sexuality. My goal is to create a compassionate, inclusive, and affirming environment where you can find the support, understanding, and tools needed to overcome your unique challenges and emerge stronger than ever.

Nonbinary Young Adult

Sex, Gender, and Sexuality

For young adults navigating the complexities of sex, gender, and sexuality, I offer a non-judgmental and affirming space where you can explore your identity, address concerns or confusion, work through sexual challenges, improve sexual satisfaction, and develop a healthy and authentic relationship with your sexuality and gender expression.

Sexual Trauma

I am deeply committed to working with individuals who have experienced sexual trauma. With a trauma-informed and empowering therapeutic approach, I provide a safe space for you to process your experiences, heal from the wounds of trauma, and reclaim your sense of safety, trust, and intimacy.

Sexual Trauma
Developmental Trauma

Developmental Trauma

Whether you have experienced childhood neglect, abuse, attachment issues or other adverse experiences, I offer a supportive and personalized approach to help you process and heal from the impact of these experiences on your emotional well-being and relationships.

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