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Feedback I’ve Received

Client Experiences

"I’ve been in therapy with Dr. Rhys for over a year and he has helped me throughout my journey in healing. He’s very patient and always willing to share his knowledge with me. Thank you, Logan! You’ve been nothing but the best throughout this time".

- AM

"Logan is insightful and intuitive and I love working with him"

- SW

"I came into therapy to deal with sexual trauma. I was incredibly nervous to talk to someone about it but Logan has a calm and genuine presence that made me feel safe opening up. I feel seen and heard - and I'm happier with myself and my relationships".

- JM

- HA

"Logan has good vibe, I have been seeing him for a little over 2 months now and I can comfortably say he is a great therapist. He is culturally aware--be it ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality--you name it. I feel accepted and not judged at all, which is something new to me. He is so down-to-earth, and also incredibly knowledgeable. Super approachable yet highly professional, I just feel like "I will be ok because I have a great therapist that cares and helps me now!" Anyways, I normally don't leave reviews... but this time I truly want to".

- AV

"Logan is a great listener. It was my first session with and I’m very excited to see him next time. Definitely recommend him to all traumatized people.:)"

- RM

"Logan is warm and welcoming. This is my first time trying therapy, and I am glad I started with him. I can't even believe how much I shared with him...something about him is making feel like I can trust him, and he really does care. I thought I was just gonna pay someone to talk to me and listen to the things I can't tell people without being looked down, I was wrong...I am still new to this whole thing, but I feel like I am in good hands now. If you are thinking about starting therapy, try a session with Logan".
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